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Inconspicuous flush mount 1×2.8m Curtain PIR

22” slim bezel 24/7 Security Monitor with built-in speaker

The EASY600 is a small, powerful yet simple to use machine for securing small rooms

The EASY1100 with its twin fog output is the perfect choice for medium sized rooms

The EASY2200 is a very powerful and flexible machine. For extremely fast protection of high value areas

The SmokeCloak FL600 fluid


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Inconspicuous by nature, the CAMO is one of the smallest PIR detectors in the world and lives up to its name by blending seamlessly into any ceiling. In its smallest form without the included adaptor plate, the CAMO is just 29mm in diameter and protrudes 1.5mm from the ceiling when installed. You’ll hardly know it’s there! With a snap-fit body and one-click connectors, installation is quick and easy into a 22mm hole. The beam coverage is up to a massive 2.8 x 1m spread and your customers will have complete peace of mind knowing that CAMO comes with a 2 year warranty.
So stop destroying your customers’ homes and offices with outdated PIRs; the CAMO Curtain is the first in a huge range of Nemesis products to come…

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